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What Mordechai the Righteous really heard and what we hear now

Mordechai, the leader of the Jewish People at the time of the Persian exile, had clarity of soul, mind and heart at all times. He warned the Jewish People against going to the Grand Party of King Achashverous, who was celebrating what was calculated to be the literal "point of no return," the expiration of the prophecy that the Jewish People would return to the Holy Land within 70 years.

He warned his fellow Jews not to go to the Grand Party celebrating the demise of the Jewish People. But no one listened to him. All the great rabbis went. Mordechai was ignored.

And the situation went from disaster to calamity. Seizing on the general Jewish despair and the dimming of the Light Unto the Nations, Amalek sprang into action to execute a one day total final solution to eliminate the entire Jewish People, G-d forbid.

Mordechai sat and mourned.

Action was required but what kind of action could possibly be pulled off if the entire Jewish leadership was in such despair that they went to the Grand Party celebrating their own demise. They could not act. And if the average man had been groomed and trained to follow the leadership without questioning and to fear doing the right thing if it was not approved by the leadership, then how could the average man possibly be motivated to action.

Then, Mordechai the Righteous heard something. Something that gave him hope. That opened the path to Redemption from the impending genocide and darkness for the world as a whole.

Passing a Jewish Cheder, meaning a room where children are dedicated into the service of G-d Al-mighty (Chinuch) with the learning of Torah, he saw the children leaving and he asked them what they had just learned.

One child said, "Do not fear your own sudden feeling of terror when you live through the buildup to the decimation of the wicked." (Proverbs 3:25)

One child said, "The conspiracies are plotted but then torn apart, the proclamations of are made but come to naught, for G-d Al-mighty is with us." (Isaiah 8:10)

One child said, "Until and throughout your old age Jewish People, I am He, until and throughout your senior years, I will support you, I made you, I will carry you, I will support you and I will rescue you." (Isaiah 46:4)

And, Mordechai was filled with hope!

He certainly already knew these verses and they were fluent in his mouth since his youth. Why suddenly was he filled with hope?!

Because it hit him that these children took these Torah verses literally. That whereas the leaders and their parents had fallen into a deep despair, these children were not despairing.

These children were not afraid.

These children still experienced G-d Al-mighty's presence, His love and His Promise of Salvation as very real and present.

Small simple happy voices. Full of untarnished holy tranquility, full of certainty that G-d Al-mighty had been, was and would always care for them.

It became clear to Mordechai that in the merit of their hope, through them the decrees would fail.

Mordechai instantly identified that these were people he could work with!

Finally, other people who believed like he believed, saw like he saw!

These children could hear the authentic Torah, the Torah of Life, the Light Unto the Nations. They would spring into action and Mordechai's time would them would be exponentially productive.

He saw that the Jewish People could be saved by starting with a clean slate of pure and clear souls, minds and hearts - that of the children. If these children could receive an authentic Torah chinuch, the chinuch that their parents and grandparents lacked, then the future was bright.

And so he gathered massive gatherings of children to build on their Divinely innate untarnished enthusiasm for life and the Giver of Life and taught them Torah.

And this action of enthusiasm spread and filled the Jewish People with hope.

Returning to G-d Al-mighty (teshuva) became relevant because there was renewed hope. And indeed the Jewish People did teshuva and, thank G-d Al-mighty, the genocidal decree was annulled and Amalek decimated.

The voices of those children still ring throughout existence to this day.

When we look around and see despair in the face of danger and it seems like no one is getting it and few want to take real action, those voices ring out.

We must hear the voice of the children.

Even as their parents have been groomed to be an extension of the state, public health, destructive ideologies and the Cult of Scarcity, even as their leaders despair and attend the Grand Party.

We must respond to the voice of the children, just as Mordechai the Righteous did.

The children are the fresh start for the Jewish People and for humanity.

We must race to reach every child, Jewish and non-Jewish, to provide them with an authentic Torah chinuch, because that is where the hope lies, a hope for a fresh start with an authentic Torah blueprint for Creation.

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Modern day Mordechai gathering the children to deliver the authentic Torah message straight to them

For your own further learning, see these sources: Esther Rabbah, toward the end of sec. 7:17; Yalkut Shimoni on Esther, sec. 1057; Aggadas Esther 3:9; Midrash Abba Gurion 4:1; and Midrash Lekach Tov 4:1.

The Medrash relates that when Haman, the public face of Amalek, saw how Mordechai the Righteous had identified the children as the hope for the future, Haman vowed to move first against the children. This continues into our times – the war to disrupt the Divinely innate soul of the children is the highest priority of Amalek.

Since the Divinely innate soul of a child, and an adult too, remains intact and is merely concealed by the demented and confusing teachings of Amalek and the Cult of Scarcity (through soul-clouding programs such as the Enlightenment), we must know that it is very simple to re-awaken the awareness of the soul. This can be accomplished by speaking from soul to soul. Speaking from mind to mind is futile because the mind of the victim of Amalek has been so clouded that it can no longer perceive truth - what is good has been reframed as evil and what is evil has been reframed as good. That is why using Enlightenment logic, statistics and data to try to thwart the Enlightenment fails. Rather, speak from soul to soul and the light of the soul of the speaker and the listener will burst forth.

(To this end the Lubavitcher Rebbe urged us that if our words are not received it is because it is not coming forth from our own soul and heart and we must redouble our efforts to bring our own souls to the forefront and speak from it to every other man, woman and child.)

(This also increases our understanding of the statement that the children were the guarantors for the Torah when it was given on Mount Sinai - the children will not despair and become jaded and cynical. Rather they are eternally hopeful and therefore it is worthwhile to make the effort to deliver and disseminate the Torah on Mount Sinai and every day. Midrash Rabba, Song of Songs 1:4)

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