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About Us

Our Dream, Vision, Mission and Purpose

Moshiach and Geulah - a world of holiness, righteousness and straightness teeming with human life immersed in the knowledge of G-d Al-mighty

80 Billion men and women serving G-d Al-mighty with the spiritual leadership of the Jewish People and a fully built and functioning Beis HaMikdash in Yerushalayim.

To activate every Jew (14,000,000) as Shliach 2.0 and every
Non-Jew (8,000,000,000) as Shliach 3.0 by creating and supporting the relationships prophesied in Zecharia 8:23.

To develop a model Zecharia 8:23 and provide the inspiration, training and infrastructure for every other Jew to do the same.

Hebrew Prayer Books

Historical Background

G-d Al-mighty created this world with man as His preeminent creation so that man would His partner is creating a dwelling place for G-d Al-mighty in this physical world. The first man recognized and was grateful to G-d Al-mighty and basked in G-d’s Al-mighty’s personal care and love. The first man chose to complicate matters by becoming aware of all that could go wrong, ejecting himself from the Garden of Eden to the struggles of this world.

One man arose to right that not only for himself but for every man. His name was Abraham, the father of the Jewish People. G-d Al-mighty called “Father of the Multitude of Nations.” He and his children would not rest until every man was back in right relationship with G-d Al-mighty. The Jewish People received the Torah on Mount Sinai, the guide book to living in right relationship with G-d Al-mighty and our fellow man. The Jewish People were charged with translating the Torah into the 70 languages of the nations for their knowing and to establishing the Land of Israel as the model of man living in service of G-d. The Chosen People. G-d Al-mighty’s first born son, with responsibility for the other children of G-d Al-mighty.

The center of it all was the Holy Temple, called by G-d Al-mighty, My House of Prayer for all the nations. For over two thousand years the Jewish People have wandered as a result of being distracted from their purpose, the Holy Temple destroyed once G-d Al-mighty saw it off purpose. The suffering to maintain the knowledge of G-d Al-mighty in the world during those years is unfathomable. All the work needed under the hood to return to G-d Al-mighty has been done. The Holy Temple is ready to be rebuilt. The Jewish People are ready to fulfill their role as the Chosen People actively.

Life disconnected from G-d Al-mighty is a living hell. When many people are disconnected, they disconnect from each other and society and civilization collapse. The outcome of that will be a rejection of all falsehood and every man will embrace G-d Al-mighty. But, we want to shortcut this process, to accelerate it in the words of the Prophet Isaiah, to skip any more suffering and go straight for the embrace. In that embrace all men will be immersed in the knowledge of G-d Al-mighty.

Each Non-Jew will grab onto the tzitzis (the corner fringes) of the Jewish man, saying “Let us go with you, for we have heard that G-d is with you."

Through that connection to a Jew and the leadership of the Righteous Jewish Redeemer (Moshiach), each man will be fully and authentically connected with G-d Al-mighty bringing to completion G-d Al-mighty’s vision for His Creation and His Creatures. All negativity, fear, anxiety, jealousy, competition, suffering, and lack will dissipate for they have no existence in the embrace of G-d Al-mighty. There will be no more war because men will no longer be interested in the idle and disturbed chatter of men who know G-d Al-mighty and yet rebel against Him. The false chatter will have no one to take it seriously and the chatterers will fade into irrelevant and oblivion.

“And the L-rd will rule over the entire of Creation, and it will be on that day, the L-rd will One and His Name will be One.” Zechariah 14:9.

You can read further here how we are making a reality the time when the sole occupation of every person will be to know G-d Al-mighty.

May it happen now!


About Rabbi Smith

Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith became a rabbi to learn the truth and teach the truth. He became a lawyer to help others speak the truth. He studied molecular biology, virology and infectious diseases at the University of California at Berkeley, and he knows the truth. He delivers Torah sermons and teaches live classes at Beis Chabad of Passaic-Clifton. He is the lawyer for Dr. Yosef Glassman who is fighting to stop euthanasia in New Jersey. He has decried the false information that was used by the public health officials to bully the rabbis into closing synagogues and yeshivas. And, now you can connect with him yourself.

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