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A peek ahead at the incredible future we are building now

לא יהי׳ עסק כל העולם אלא לדעת את ה׳ בלבד

The fulfillment of the Creation of the world will be when every man, woman and child's sole occupation will be Knowing G-d Al-mighty. (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Laws of Kings, 12:5).

No matter how sophisticated computers become, how much information they accumulate, or how much information they output, wisdom and mercy will be the sole domain of the human. These are gifts from G-d Al-mighty - His Love for us is so powerful that He created us in His Image. His love is ever more powerful that he let us know.

AI, robots and technology have some people excited and some scared. Some are excited to make life more 'efficient' and sideline "useless humans." Others are scared of becoming a "useless human."

But both are are missing the truth.

No human will ever be useless because his usefulness is not measured in the eyes of man but rather in the eyes of G-d Al-mighty. A man sunken into the cult of scarcity has his mind twisted by utilitarianism where everyone is measured by their productivity. The Nazis were an efficient battering ram of the cult of scarcity to get on with their mission to rid the world of "useless humans."

Since he has lost sight of his own Creator and his own Soul, he imagines himself and others to be a mere accidental collection of chemicals and physics. And he imagines that he could design an even better collection of chemicals and physics that will eliminate the need for so many unproductive humans. He proposes things like Artificial Intelligence as the solution.

Another man watching this mad rush to dumb down the definition of human and then try to substitute a machine for the human, might innocently be afraid. If rendered obsolete, then how will he make a living and how will he eat?! In fact, what purpose is there in his life if he is not busy 'making a living.' He fears that he will in fact become the 'useless eater' targeted for elimination.

While there are a few men with evil designs, a reality we can't deny because we can see the disaster they have wrought and we can read and watch their current plans in their own words, there is nothing to fear.

First of all, their designs are so sadly limited. They are like a child in a sand box who gets angry at G-d and imagines if he beats the sand into submission he can control reality. That child denies that the world is so much bigger than his sandbox.

So so an adult who imagines if he can just beat up the people and the data, he can control reality is a sad figure indeed.

Second, their tools are so limited. AI is not real intelligence. It's just a large data processing system limited to what it can ingest and to the defined scope of its output.

On the other hand, the human mind has no limit. The human mind can see that which cannot be defined and which cannot be observed and which cannot be measured. The human mind can even see that there is that which it cannot understand and never will understand.

Third, they grossly misunderstand men. The purpose of man is not to be productive. While Adam was indeed tasked with conquering the world and working the world, that was not a definition of his raison d'être. His reason for being is being itself, being created in the Divine Image of the Ultimate Being, G-d Al-mighty.

So let the robots take away all our menial tasks! Let the robots generate energy and food and clean up and run the supply chains and make the deliveries. And let the data processing devices calculate the best route from points A to B.

But the man whose work is replaced by a computer or a robot, he himself will never become obsolete. Not because he is needed to run the machine or guard the building with the machine. But because that man will be liberated to occupied his entire time knowing G-d Al-mighty.

So instead of fearing the "useless eaters", people who do nothing 'productive' and only consume food, we will see that in G-d Al-mighty's world, we need even more people. Since G-d Al-mighty is Infinite, we need an infinite number of people occupied in knowing G-d Al-mighty.

This is the message we need to spread to the entire world as we prepare to conclude the annual cycle of studying the Mishneh Torah of the Rambam (Maimonides). He is letting us know that the less 'work' we have to do, the more essential we will be become.

And this is the vision we are building now at

A growing number of Rabbis learning Torah full time for the purpose of being the Shepherd of Faith for many non-Jews, on the order of 2,800 non-Jews each as prophesied by Zecharia in the name of G-d Al-mighty (8:23). Those 2,800 non-Jews will themselves transition to learning the Torah that applies to them full-time. Their sole occupation with be to know G-d Al-mighty.

You will never be useless. By definition you are infinitely valuable and intended by G-d Al-mighty to be. By definition, since you are, you are intended to be.

And how are you meant to occupy your time? By being. And, how does a being be - by knowing the Ultimate Being that is bringing you into being anew every instant.

And this my friends is exactly where we are heading. The faster we embrace it, the faster we can accelerate every man, woman and child into this reality of Redemption when the world will be filled with the Knowledge of G-d Al-mighty just as the oceans are filled with water. (Isaiah 11:9).

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Thank you for this positive message! Could it be that what we are witnessing is a reversal of the curse placed on mankind when Adam and Chavah disobeyed? Adam was told he would have to toil for his bread - and boy how we have been toiling ever since! The toiling has taken on a life of its own. Now that it appears that we are, b’ezrat HaShem, on the heels of Moshiach, maybe the time has come to prepare us for a return to Gan Eden, where we will no longer need to toil for our bread?

May it be soon, and may we be ready! It’s time for us to awaken from our spiritual slumber, and realize an…


That is indeed the days of Moshiach and the True and Complete Redemption.

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