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Chanukah - Today, More Brilliant than ever.

Like all Torah holidays, Chanukah highlights reality that continues every day.

Chanukah is from the word Chinuch in the Holy Language, which means ‘dedicating into the service of G-d Al-mighty.’

When the 13 men, the Maccabees, with complete self-sacrifice, miraculously defeated the massive Greek armies, they re-dedicated the Holy Temple into the service of G-d Al-mighty.

But even more than that, they dedicated their fellow human beings into the service of G-d Al-mighty by teaching them the Torah vision, lessons and instructions that apply to every human being in all times and places. They understood that the Holy Temple was a beacon to all men everywhere that there is a G-d Al-mighty, and nothing but G-d Al-mighty, Who is lovingly recreating each man, woman and child from nothing at every instant. And they used that platform to increase the strength of that beacon.

The darkness that had confronted the Maccabees was seemingly insurmountable. On one hand they faced the seductive logic of the Greeks, the worlds leading force, which sought to extinguish the irrational commitment to a G-d above human knowing and experience and replace it with the cult of human intellect, human logic, observation and measurement and the glorification of the human body, its prowess and beauty.

Simultaneously they faced their Jewish brethren who had adopted the Greek worldview and had become its biggest champions. Those brethren had forgotten their mission as the Light Unto the Nations and instead became enthusiasts for the debasement of the G-d given gifts of brain, heart and body into mere tools of the self-infatuation with intellectual prowess and bodily pursuits.

Yet, prevail they did. Miraculously. The Maccabees abandoned the human intellect and the calculations of self-preservation and living for another day. They connected with their inner deepest G-dly spark which is an expression of G-d Al-mighty Himself. And with that inward plunge to where there is no calculations, they became an expression of the G-dly force that is within each one of us. They surpassed the limits of the very physical body the Greeks so idolized and their bodies became chariots for G-dliness to accomplish what no human body could accomplish.

They pushed back the Greek overlords and re-awaked the spark of Judaism in their fellow Jews.