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Release of Spanish Prayer Book for Chassidei Umos HaOlam (Libro de Oraciones)

Prayer is the fundamental expression of man. The first words from the mouth of Adam, the first man, was prayer.

While prayer can be any time and must be in any time of need and gratitude, the Jewish prayer book contains the ideal compilation of prayer.

But Chassidei Umos HaOlam and Noachides have found it confusing to navigate a Jewish Prayer book, uncertain about what prayers apply to them and which only apply to Jews. On the other hand, attempts to create new compilations of prayers runs into problems of authenticity, authority and tradition. Plus, they don't help the non-Jew who chooses to pray in a Jewish synagogue along with a Jewish congregation.

At last, with our new release, a non-Jew can pray directly from a Jewish prayer book elucidated to make it accessible to every human being. This will be helpful whether praying at home or in a synagogue.

The Alter Rebbe compiled a Siddur according to the Nusach Ha-Ari Zal, the order of the prayers as elucidated by the Ari Zal.

The most widely known version of this Prayer Book (Siddur) is Siddur Tehilat Hashem, which means The Prayer Book of the Praise of G-d Al-mighty.

We have marked each prayer to indicate its relevance to the non-Jew and in the places where they are not relevant, offered moving contemplations to correspond to the prayers said by Jews on those pages.

We are calling this edition, Siddur Tehilat Hashem - Nishmat Kol Chai, meaning The Prayer Book of the Praise of G-d Al-mighty - The Soul of Every Living Being.

Our first release covers Shabbos night prayers and Shabbos morning prayers and is in Spanish to meet the overwhelming need from Spanish speakers.

You can order them now in PDF for printing. The single PDF version gives you the ability to use it on your phone or computer and print one copy for personal use. The 10 copy version gives you the ability to print up to 10 copies for your family members and your congregation. For larger groups, additional 10 copy versions should be purchased.

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