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Watch - Torah Action Plan to Save America: Moment of Silence

Phenomenal interview with Rabbi Avrohom Frank who is moved to save America's children, one school at a time

In a recent episode of The Torah Experience - Life Lived Fully - Life Seen Accurately, we met with modern American hero, Rabbi Avrohom Frank. Rabbis Smith and Chyrek were stunned by Rabbi Frank’s vision and courage, his simple willingness to do the next right action to save every child in America. Even more vital than food, clothing and shelter is making every child aware that he is created in G-d Al-mighty’s Divine Image. Nothing that a child will learn during the day in school will have value without that foundation. A Moment of Silence creates the space for a child to reflect and to connect to his parents and his grandparents who provide guidance on what to think about.

Rabbi Frank is such a hero - he watched a video of the Lubavitcher Rebbe saying it was urgent that every child in America start his day with, at a minimum, a moment of quiet reflection, and Rabbi Frank sprang into action. He has reached many schools and many children's lives have been immeasurably improved as can be seen from the testimonials here. I hope you will watch the video and start making calls yourself. All you need is Rabbi Frank's simple suggested script. If you would like to volunteer so we can coordinate calls all across America, please let us know. And do please support him generously at this link.

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