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The Jews are the first target, but, the Rabbis, the first of the Jews

Before getting to all the Jews, Haman's first priority to was to kill Mordechai, the Jew who refused to bow, in order to decapitate the Jews. If Mordechai was not providing inspiration and direction to the Jews, the Jews would not resist Amalek's plans. The light of the Jews would go dark plunging the world into darkness.

The Communists did and do exactly this, decapitating the Jewish leadership first and then attacking the entire population.

In every community the Nazis entered, their first priority was to neutralize the Rabbis, ideally by obtaining their cooperation in promoting Jewish compliance with the Nazi directives and mandates. Cooperation was obtained through fear and threats and promises of the benefits of compliance. Read and weep -- the account of the Jewish survivors of Salonika, Greece.

So too today, Amalek first neutralizes the Rabbis by decades of re-alignment of their mindset into group and consensus thinking and reliance on outside experts, experts with allegiance to Amalek's agenda.

Then, Torah teachings are re-aligned and re-prioritized so that the average Jew can be misled and teachings that emphasize complete obedience to the cooperating Rabbis are promoted. The vast stories of Rabbinic fallibility and mistakes recorded in the Torah, the Talmud and more recent history are sidelined.

Then, the cooperating Rabbis direct their trusting congregants to comply with any and all directives of Amalek.

Once the Jews are confused and no longer shine clear light, the world falls into chaos and greater darkness.

Indeed the first line of attack in the public health war was to obtain Jewish compliance. The first case of 'COVID' in America was in a Torah observant community and used to obtain Rabbinic cooperation in the dismantling of Torah life.

The public health crisis was built up hour after hour and day after day in the Jewish community with urgent meetings in which the public health representatives procured the cooperation of the Rabbis through a combination of hysterical fear and threats and promises of the benefits of cooperation. The Jewish media was filled with a non-stop flow of misleading and often false stories.

The end result was that the Jewish world was shut down first. Only then did the public health terror turn on the non-Jewish world and plunge it into darkness.*

The synagogues and yeshivas were closed 'voluntarily' before the Governor's created Executive Orders closing down the rest of the world.

A Rabbi is responsible for leading this flock independently of what any other Rabbi is saying or doing. Judaism does not have an ecclesiastical order. Every Jew is his own man praying and seeking G-d Al-mighty's wisdom to guide his life, every Jewish family is then so guided, and every Rabbi is responsible to pray and learn Torah to be able to provide G-d Al-mighty's guidances to the families that he shepherds.

Group and consensus thinking, where a Rabbi takes his stance based on his colleagues' thinking, is the opposite of Torah and Judaism.

This is why the Lubavitcher Rebbe encouraged every man to become ordained as a Rabbi, so that he should know the right thing to do and he should not be relying on another Rabbi to make decisions for him.

Can you tell the difference between a cooperating Rabbi and a Torah true independent Rabbi?

Make sure you learn the difference and disregard the cooperating Rabbis and align yourself with a Torah true independent Rabbi for as long as he stays Torah true and independent. (This is what we strive for at And, even consider becoming a Rabbi yourself so that you can lead your own family.

In this way, the plot of Amalek to decapitate the Jewish People on Amalek's way to decapitating the world will be thwarted and, instead, the Light of Torah will pierce the darkness, as Isaiah prophesizes, "And Nations will walk in your light..." (Isaiah 60:3)

*A similar pattern of confusing the clarity of the Jews is in play now where the Torah observant Jewish community is under a non-stop barrage of propaganda in Jewish media and in person regarding the Ukraine to first line up the Jewish community into compliance in thinking and action on this front and then America and the West as a whole will be plunged into the darkness, G-d forbid.

The same Rabbis who focused their congregations on public health are now focussing them on the Ukraine. The same media that served as the conduit for attacking the minds and hearts of the Jewish community now do the same with images and reports from the Ukraine.

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