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This is the greatest gift we can offer the world - the clarity of the unity of G-d Al-mighty; action

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Shituf is not ok for non-Jews; have MORE children in face of man-made famine!

👉The idea that Shituf (believing that G-d Al-mighty has any partners, G-d forbid) is an acceptable belief for non-Jews is a mistaken idea taken out of context and then grossly misapplied in practice. There is no place for Shituf in a world that will recognize that there is nothing but G-d Al-mighty and will cleave only to the L-rd, G-d Al-mighty, G-d of Israel.

👉Joseph (Yosef HaTzadik) had fewer children in a situation where the world was suffering from a real famine. However, that conduct is inapplicable where a famine is man-made for the very purpose of reducing the population and convincing and compelling people to have fewer children. In the case of a man-made famine, G-d forbid, the only correct response to is to have MORE children.

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