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Rabbi Smith dispels 14 Myths about the Sheva Mitzvos Bnai Noach

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

This week, Rabbi Smith spoke to a group of Chabad Shluchim committed to bringing Moshiach and the Messianic Redemption for the entire world.

Rabbi Smith identified personal one-to-one teaching of the non-Jews as the essential ingredient to making Redemption reality.

But, said Rabbi Smith, there are 14 myths that derail well-meaning people from taking action. When we dispel these myths, we are automatically propelled into action, action like and other initiatives to bring every human being to recognize that he is created lovingly by G-d Al-mighty in His Image.

Myth 1: There are only 7 Mitzvos (Commandments) for non-Jews.

Myth 2: The Mitzvos for the non-Jews are only negative commandments.

Myth 3: The first of the Sheva Mitzvos is the prohibition against idolatry.

Myth 4: Shituf (imagining that G-d Al-mighty has partners) is ok for non-Jews.

Myth 5: A Christian fulfills the Sheva Mitzvos. (Also, similar myth regarding Muslims fulfilling the Sheva Mitzvos.)

Myth 6: Pru v’rvu (the Commandment and Blessing to Be Fruitful and Multiply) does not apply to non-Jews.

Myth 7: non-Jews are not permitted to learn Torah.

Myth 8: the non-Jews will be eliminated or significantly depopulated in the Messianic era, G-d forbid.

Myth 9: this was not a major campaign of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

Myth 10: the Rebbe downplayed Sheva Mitzvos in action, including rejecting actual proposed activities.

Myth 11: Teaching non-Jews is secondary to a Shliach’s main job and a Shliach does not have time for anything other than his main job.

Myth 12: A Moment of Silence in public schools is enough for the children in public school and enough for a Shliach's efforts regarding non-Jews.

Myth 13: The non-Jews observing Sheva Mitzvos is something that will happen only after Moshiach comes.

Myth 14: America is different in that the tragic consequences of neglecting the teaching of the Sheva Mitzvos in Europe and Russia cannot happen in America.

Rabbi Smith opened the eyes of the Shluchim to seeing that teaching non-Jews is the very missing ingredient that they have been trying to figure out.

Watch the video below to see the myths dispelled and clarity of understanding and action unfold.

To become part of this ground-breaking work, signup at as a non-Jew or as a Jew to fulfill your respective vital role in G-d Al-mighty's Vision.

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