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Passover a holiday for every man

On one hand Passover is the holiday focused on the Exodus of the Jewish People from Egypt by the mighty hand of G-d Al-mighty.

At the same time, Passover is a holiday focussed on, and with vital lessons for, the non-Jews.

1) The ten plagues (makkos) were a lesson to the Egyptians and the world to realize that there is something beyond nature and the created world, namely G-d Al-mighty. Man starts to believe that the natural order is the ceiling of existence. G-d Al-mighty wants man to see that that is a grave mistake and there is much to be discovered beyond the natural order. Man can also believe that he is the ultimate of existence, the 'it' of creation. In doing so he misses the point that G-d Al-mighty is above and beyond Creation and, while man is the pinnacle of G-d Al-mighty's Creation, man is as if nothing before G-d Al-mighty. Man needs to leave the ceiling of the natural order by connecting with G-d Al-mighty. The purpose of the Jewish People is to be that light and that connection. Man is the 'it' of creation but only because G-d Al-mighty made him so that that he can recognize that G-d Al-mighty is above Creation. The plagues were meant to drive home the message that man needs to open his eyes and heart and mind to that which is above Creation. In this way he lives according to the Divine Image instead of sinking down to and below the level of the animals. This was for the benefit of the Egyptians and every man.

2) The Jews were commanded by G-d Al-mighty to take a lamb (an Egyptian idol) and slaughter it and make it known to the non-Jews in advance. The purpose was to teach the non-Jews that the way to leave physical slavery is to leave spiritual slavery. This was for the benefit of the Egyptians and every man.

3) The purpose of the Exodus and taking the Jewish People out of Egypt was so that all men could be elevated by the Jews going to Mount Sinai to receive the revelation from G-d Al-mighty and to be G-d Al-mighty's priestly nation, a light unto the Nations to raise the awareness of G-d Al-mighty in every man woman and child. So, this too, for the benefit of the Egyptians and every man.

With this eye opening perspective, make sure to connect with what Passover means for you and your family and your role and responsibilities in G-d Al-mighty's beautiful world. This will speed up and fulfill the promise of G-d Almighty that "They will no longer teach - each man his fellow, each man his brother - saying, 'Know the L-rd G-d Al-mighty!' For all of them will know Me, from their smallest to their greatest - the word of the L-rd G-d Al-mighty..." Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 31:33.

Happy Passover!

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Since we are talking about a Passover then I would like to share my thoughts where the Rebbe said all avoda of Galus is completed and Moshiach is here and that the Rebbe did everything and now we have to do our part. What is our part? Since the Rebbe did EVERYTHING, then our part is to act and think FREE, to use our G-d given freedom.

Also it is to be said that what ever happened at the time of Egyptian exile and redemption that what will happen in our time. So at the time of Redemtion of Jewish people from Mitzraim, HaShem opened the Sea, Kriyas Yam Suf, for us, bnei Yisroel.

HaShem opens for us Kryas Yam…

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