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How important is knowing the Holy Tongue?

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

For more than 33 years, I have been teaching Torah principles to non-Jews, the Torah principles that apply to every human. I have seen that many non-Jews want to learn Hebrew, the Holy Tongue, the language of the Torah (the Bible).

It never struck me as something essential for a non-Jew. True, George Washington studied the Torah in the original Holy Tongue, but today there are many fine translations. And when friends would suggest that I offer a class in learning Hebrew to non-Jewish students and even make it an offering here at, I always demurred, saying that reading Hebrew is certainly nice for a non-Jew but not an essential priority and it should not come at the expense of learning fundamental Divine teachings that G-d Al-mighty intends for every person.

However, recently, my colleague, Rabbi Shimon Chyrek, opened my eyes to see that it is in fact essential.

He asked himself, "How can we help non-Jewish parents prepare their children to be strong and withstand the onslaught of anti-G-d and anti-human propaganda flooding the world?" The insight that came to him was that the letters of the Alef Beis, the letters of the Holy Tongue, contain the lessons that a child needs to know to navigate the world.

Based on ancient teachings, Rabbi Chyrek has revealed the meaning of the shape and sound of each letter and the vowels. If a child (and adult, too) will learn what these letters mean and how they combine together to communicate an essential timeless spiritual concept, they will have a solid grounding.

I started to pay attention and listen to his explanations of the letters and vowels and discovered a deeper appreciation of the sounds and the words. But, I already know Hebrew and my mother taught me to read it, and music, before I could read English.

Could Rabbi Chyrek's insights be applied to actually teach someone with no background in Hebrew?

I watched in amazement as Rabbi Chyrek taught a non-Jewish husband and wife enrolled in our Zecharia 8:23 track. They started reading the letters and vowels in the first of three sessions and by the end of the third session, eight hours in total, the first verse of the Torah rolled off his tongue!

Clearly something wondrous was being transmitted. If you are interested to learn more, complete this form.

There is an additional insight. Rabbi Chyrek realized that the Prophet Zephaniah says "For then, I will switch over the nations to a clear and flowing language with which all will call in the name of the L-rd to serve him with one unified effort." (3:9) That clear and flowing language is the Holy Tongue! So non-Jews learning the Holy Tongue actually connects them to the Oneness of G-d Al-mighty, which is incumbent on the non-Jews, and enables people to communicate in a clear and flowing language. How so? In the Holy Tongue the meaning of the words are hinted in the shape of the letters, so many people can agree on what words mean, and this leads to mutual understanding.

I encourage you to explore Alef Success and see if it is right for you. Right now Rabbi Chyrek is offering one-on-one learning and larger group settings will become available in the future and the one-on-one learning will be phased out. If you value the returns for your life that will come from one-on-one learning, then complete this form here. You'll enjoy the video testimonial contained in the form. You can also read more below.

Learn the Holy Tongue in Just 8 hours

The letters of the Holy Tongue are the building blocks of G-d Al-mighty’s Creation and of each person, including you and your children.

Give them access! Make sure your children know their own building blocks so they can stand strong against the increasing pressures. Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures.

​​Alef Success is Life Success - Benefits of Learning the Holy Tongue

  • Regulate your emotions with specific sounds.

  • Communicate profound life skills when teaching the letters to others.

  • Read the original biblical Hebrew in which every single letter has its own unique sound.

  • Achieve greater mutual understanding with others when you begin to decode the definitions hidden in the combination and shape of the letters.

What sets this program apart from others:

  • Alef Success teaches authentic Loshon HaKodesh, the Holy Tongue.

  • Alef Success is taught by authentic practicing Torah observant Rabbis in an unbroken chain of authority from Moses, Our Teacher, the one who wrote down the Holy Torah in the Holy Tongue dictated by G-d Al-mighty

What you get:

  • Within 8 hours you will be able to read the first verse of Genesis.

  • Instruction tailored to your level of background.


Alef Success is truly unique. In just under 8 hours within 3 sessions I learned, without any prior knowledge, the complete Hebrew alphabet. The fact that the form of the letters has many deep spiritual backbone lessons literally blew me away.

Amazingly, the letters and the vowels pictorially represent how the tongue or lips are positioned to form the corresponding sound.

Equally astonishing was the profound understanding that even the individual letters have their own meanings, which then, in their sequence, continuously build up on each other and even represent instructions for human values – education in humanity and behavior already takes place automatically by learning the alef bet.

I sincerely wish Rabbi Chyrek that his course may help to introduce as many people as possible to this treasure trove of knowledge the Hebrew language has to offer to our world, and enrich their lives the same way, as it did for me.

Marco Schmitz - Germany

You can learn more by completing this form

UPDATE: The program can now be ordered at this link for personal tutoring and at this link for small group tutoring.

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