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Comments on proposed rule I.D. No. EDU-13-22-00025-P


Greetings and blessings:

I oppose the above proposed rule.

Enlightenment education has brought calamity upon men, Jewish and non-Jewish.

The last remaining bastions of The Torah teachings treasured by wise men since Adam and Chava, the first man and woman, are found in the Chadorim and Yeshivas.

Torah connects a man to his Creator, to his soul and to other men.

Lack of Torah breeds disconnect in these three areas which then spirals downwards to hatred, violence, murder and genocide.

Not only should secular subjects not be required of Jewish students but they should not be required of non-Jewish students. Wise parents will reverse the destructive roll of secular enlightenment teachings by removing it from all curriculums in this and other states.

The children in public schools are victims of the removal of G-d Al-mighty from their learning. The entire society suffers as a result.

The secular enlightenment ideology seeks to infiltrate the seeds of doubt and confusion into every child it can reach through its teachings.