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Comments on proposed rule I.D. No. EDU-13-22-00025-P


Greetings and blessings:

I oppose the above proposed rule.

Enlightenment education has brought calamity upon men, Jewish and non-Jewish.

The last remaining bastions of The Torah teachings treasured by wise men since Adam and Chava, the first man and woman, are found in the Chadorim and Yeshivas.

Torah connects a man to his Creator, to his soul and to other men.

Lack of Torah breeds disconnect in these three areas which then spirals downwards to hatred, violence, murder and genocide.

Not only should secular subjects not be required of Jewish students but they should not be required of non-Jewish students. Wise parents will reverse the destructive roll of secular enlightenment teachings by removing it from all curriculums in this and other states.

The children in public schools are victims of the removal of G-d Al-mighty from their learning. The entire society suffers as a result.

The secular enlightenment ideology seeks to infiltrate the seeds of doubt and confusion into every child it can reach through its teachings.

A wise parent dedicates his child into the service of G-d Al-mighty by blocking the assault of disturbing teachings written by troubled people.

Instead the wise parent fosters and enhances the child’s in-built divine purity by training the child to deflect the inside and outside messages that seek to disturb his inner Divine sacred space. This training is called Emunah.

And the wise parent fosters the child’s certainty that G-d Al-mighty in His Infinite love for everyone of His Creations is taking precise, loving, attentive and powerful care of every detail of existence including the child’s life, now and forever, without regard to the child’s deservedness. This is called Bitachon.

The secular enlightenment is designed to teach the very opposite and the results are a living and walking hell in this lifetime.

Therefore, it is only natural that a parent will do everything to protect his child from exposure to any secular enlightenment teachings in any form or subject.

And all the non-Jewish parents are obligated and called up to do the same.

Therefore, the proposed rule must be defeated and any other existing relevant rules and legislation retracted and repealed. Instead, a moment of silence should be required at a minimum in every school at the beginning of each day.

On a personal note, my parents of blessed memory did not fully realize the dangers of which I write and sent me to the most prestigious (by secular enlightenment standards) educational institutions in the world, namely Upper Canada College in Toronto, the University of California Berkeley and Tulane University School of Law, from all of which I graduated.

I consider far more fortunate those who instead are immersed in the Holy Torah exclusively without any secular enlightenment influences or teachings whatsoever and would without hesitation exchange all my aforementioned schooling for the merit to have instead learned Torah in that time.


Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith

The NYS Education Department and Board of Regents are key recruiters for the Cult of Scarcity.

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Rabbi Smith couldn't agree more, thank you for all your enormous effort and time to stand up for G-d's morals. Are you going to send that amazing letter to Department of Education or where else? We need to protect our G-d's given Law and make sure that it spreads to all people and HaShem will help us to establish His Kingdom on this planet, because this is HaShem's world. I think that this letter could hang nicely on a wall of all schools for all to read it and start thinking G-d's morals are unavoidable and it is a first step to start from to build a happier and healthier world. Thank your Rabbi Smith, I admire your work.

Me gusta
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