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Chapter & Verse has just released a new publication, Chapter & Verse, highlighting the plain meaning of the Torah verses. This is essential for keeping Jews and non-Jews clear about the Will of G-d Al-mighty.

“As we seen from this week’s Torah portion, VaEschanan, Deuteronomy Chapters 3-7, Moses Our Teacher repeatedly pleads with us to stay connected to G-d Al-mighty knowing there is only G-d Al-mighty and to not go astray believing in foreign ideologies and practices which take the form of ‘old fashioned’ idolatry and the ‘sophisticated’ version which calls itself the Enlightenment," said Rabbi Smith.

You can download it here:

1, parashas Va'eschanan - Chapter & Verse[5]
Download PDF • 316KB

Issues are available for sponsorship here in honor or memory of a loved one.

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