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G-d Al-mighty wants us to emulate Him - Just as with great loving kindness He provides for each of His creatures, He wants us to do acts of loving kindness - Gemilus Chasadim.  This is one of the pillars upon which the world endures and is incumbent on Jews and non-Jews.  

Donating Money

Importance of Tzedakah

Tzedakah, is not “Charity”, but rather a fair distribution of G-d Al-mighty’s money. It expresses love of a fellow man, teaches us to trust in G-d, helps us overcome thoughts of scarcity and fear of the future, and allows us to help others today.


Tzedaka generates merit to receive the Divine Presence.


There are many blessings from Tzedakah that accrue to the giver.

Read our new Tzedakah Card to find out more.  Make sure to carry it in your wallet to remind you to give Tzedakah frequently and to hand out cards to your family, friends and people you meet.



Tithing (Maaser) is a Divine Command in the Torah that has been practiced as part of the service of G-d Al-mighty from the very first man and woman.


In the Holy Land, tithes must be given from the produce and fruits and from the animals.


In addition, tithes are given on monetary earnings.  The minimum is 10% but many give up to 20% and for special reasons even more than 20%. 

Tithes should be given to the poor and to support connecting people with G-d Al-mighty through Torah Study, prayer and the increase in mitzvos.  This includes synagogues and Torah study centers.

There are appropriate times to give Tzedakah, as explained in our Tzedakah card, during the morning prayers and before prayer in general.

In addition, women and girls give before Shabbos and Yom Tov candle lighting.


Charity boxes (Pushkas) should be attached to walls at home in the kitchen and in other places such as offices, cars, etc. to encourage frequent giving.


Frequent small amounts have a more significant effect than the lump sum amount.

We do not give Tzedakah on Shabbos and Holidays but can make pledges on those days.


Your Daily Guide for Charity and giving


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