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Raya Mehemna - Shliach 2.0

Sign Up & Agreement

Our Mutual Understanding

  1. We enter into this relationship voluntarily and may end it at any time.

  2. Rabbi Smith is not here to tell you what to do and think and how to run your life but rather to point you to G-d Al-mighty’s wisdom and answers that have been transmitted through Torah and that are within you.

  3. No payment is due in this relationship. However, it is appropriate to tithe to support Rabbi Smith in his commitments.

    a. It is suggested a tithing (maaser) commitment of $1.00 per day per family, corresponding to a third of a loaf of bread for those residing in other countries with other currencies.

    b. You may tithe less if you have financial constraints.

    c. You may tithe more in addition to a baseline tithe of $1.00 per day. Such additional tithing can be in the form of financial tithing or in-kind tithing of goods and services.

    d. It is appropriate to tithe weekly (ie. choose the weekly contribution option) so that you remain conscious of our relationship and confirm that you are benefitting from it and also investing your time and energy into it.

    e. You can cancel at any time, but there are no refunds on previous tithes.


  4. We are both students. In fact, in Hebrew, Rabbi is referred to as a תלמידי חכמים (Talmid Chacham), “a student with Divine Wisdom.”

  5. Rabbi Smith offers no warranty as to experience or results. G-d Al-mighty communicates with men and your experience will vary with your level of willingness to listen and take action.


Rabbi Smith’s Commitment

  1. To teach and guide you in being Raya Mehemna/Shliach 2.0 to the Jews you influence and your 2,800 non-Jews, particularly clarifying the issues before us in our times and lives.

  2. To be responsive to your questions and requests for instruction and guidance.



My Commitment

  1. I will question and I will challenge to make sure I understand G-d’s Wisdom and to keep Rabbi Smith in integrity.

  2. I will invest the time to study and integrate the Torah studies shared by Rabbi Smith.

  3. I understand that every Jew is a Shliach (emissary) of the Nosi HaDor, the leader of the generation, and, as such, I commit to share G-d Al-mighty’s wisdom, love and hope with other men to bring the Torah to every man, feeling devastated at the thought that there is even one man in this world who does not know and experience G-d Al-mighty’s wisdom, love and hope.

  4. I will not become a follower but rather aim to be a leader as G-d Al-mighty wants me to be.

  5. I will share my insights and working ideas with Rabbi Smith for the benefit of everyone.

  6. If I do not feel I am benefitting from this relationship with Rabbi Smith, I will end or modify the relationship and seek another Rabbi in his stead.

  7. I understand that fulfilling Reya Mehemna/Shliach 2.0 is an ongoing relationship, not a one-time event.

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Which methods of communication do you have access to?
As noted, you will have the opportunity to tithe on the coming page. If you are a senior, student, unemployed or underemployed, there is a reduced tithing amount available on the next page. Check the box here and then choose the appropriate option on the next page.
If you are unable to tithe at all for financial reasons, check this box and let us know so we can set it up for you without tithing at this time.

On the next page make sure to use your site user name and password to login.

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What you get when you sign up

  1. Most importantly the relationship – you will know you are not alone in taking seriously your responsibility to G-d A-lmighty, yourself, your family, your community, your people and every man.

  2. Exclusive access to online live weekly classes for enrollees only.

  3. Exclusive private email address to reach Rabbi Smith for enrollees only.

  4. Notification of newly posted oral and written teachings

  5. Access to previously posted oral and written teachings

  6. Access to Rabbi Smith for written and oral questions and answers and periodic in-person or virtual meetings.

  7. Access to the redacted answers from Rabbi Smith to previously posted questions.

  8. Community connection to other participants [in development]

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