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Is it sufficient if I am ok?

You have what you need and you it’s all good.

Is that enough?

No. As long as there is one person in the world who does not have what they need spiritually and physically, we should be devastated.

If there is one corner of the world where G-d Almighty is not actually perceived, that means what I experience as G-dliness is really a limited revelation of G-dliness. If I was experiencing the Unlimited, it would be unlimited everywhere.

But maybe a little less than the unlimited is still enough for you?

Beware. There is no static state. If you are not expanding the awareness of G-dliness in the world, then the world is forgetting G-d Almighty.

Look at the United States. Liberty, the individual Divine rights of man is a G-dly gift. But the United States failed to expand that to others. The failure to expand accelerated after World War II when the United States agreed to and supported the enslavement of half of humanity to this day. Americans agreed to containment, that is to contain liberty within the limits set by those who war against G-d Almighty.

If there is no expansion, but rather “containment” then there will be contraction and decay. And, so we suffer from the accelerating consequences today of the decisions made decades ago that it was sufficient that things were going well for many Americans on American soil.

Now, we have the chance to learn from our mistakes and not rest until every man, woman and child is connected to G-d Almighty.

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