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Can Liberty alone fix the world?

Many well-meaning people want to bring back liberty and the principles upon which the United States of America was created.

But what they don’t realize is that what formed this country was a religious movement to make front and center G-d Almighty as the giver of rights.

You can’t have secular liberty.

That just collapses on itself because it has nothing other than human logic or reactionary human frustration to keep it going for a short while.

Look at the United States.

The inception of the liberty in the Colonies started back in the 1500s in Holland where learned Rabbis taught Torah and caught the imagination of the their non-Jewish neighbors to such an extent that those neighbors were writing books about Torah as it applies to the building and endurance of civilization, in Dutch!

They inspired their English neighbors across the Channel. The Englishmen got the message and made some changes but could not deliver full liberty on the British Isles.

In the Colonies, however, 150 years of this message from the pulpit transformed the people to where they actually lived and breathed like they were gifted with inalienable Divine Rights, even before the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence just repeated what everyone knew and lived already. The residents of the Colonies just used the Declaration of Independence to the put the King on notice that their reality would now no longer include his dominion over them.

But even as the Declaration of Independence was being written, anti-G-d forces tried to minimize the mention of G-d Almighty, and then to drive G-d from the affairs of state. For 250 years, the situation has continued to deteriorate to today’s point where generations have been schooled in facilities where the mention of G-d is illegal!

The result is a collapse in morals, in safety and in finances. The result is an inability to discern between good and bad, and the loss of the fortitude to stand up for what is right.

So merely championing the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution will not suffice.

Only a deep and timeless connection to G-d Almighty will carry the day.

That’s what is all about.

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Unknown member
Dec 28, 2021

In response to your above Liberty article, while I highly doubt this will even be published, thus an exercise in futility (L'vatala), my question is - what if someone has already started a movement based on G-d's fundamental principle of "respect your friend as you do yourself" and "don't do unto others, what's hated unto you"? What if that someone, calls that same basic principle, the "non-aggression principle, and voluntaryism"? What if that someone, recognizing that the term "G-d" isn't currently universally accepted, opts to buffer the term, by actually explaining the concept through a high-level video which captivatingly demonstrates how all Energy in nature is in the form of a Torus shape, thus self-sustaining? In which case, does it…

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