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Something really exciting at

We have started something truly exciting and ground breaking at - a weekly class for Germans, some grandchildren of Nazi officers, learning Rabbi Steif’s Mitzvos Hashem on the laws for Bnai Noach.

I believe it addresses the core issues we face today. The Nazis were the enforcement arm of the public health movement. But, the spiritual and philosophical choices that were made from the late 1800s on in Germany, choices that demanded an enforcement arm, were never addressed after the war.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe writes that if the people of Europe had been observant of Sheva Mitzvos there would not have been a Holocaust. Rabbi Steif wrote this holy book in 1933 as Hitler came to power and he begged that it be printed urgently.

Tragically, it was not printed until I obtained the manuscript in 2000. Now 90 years later we are finally bringing the changes to Germany and Europe that will address the underlying cause of the Holocaust - lack of G-d in school and society, a cause that was never addressed after the war.

Here is the first class. (The class is in English so you don't need German to benefit from it)

Tell everyone you know and have them enroll at where we are connecting every man, woman and child to G-d Almighty.

A here is the second class for Germans with an important discussion on how the Sheva Mitzvos strike to the core of Amalek’s defiance of G-d Al-mighty. Watch to the end to see the surprising motivation that drives Amalek - and it’s not money, power or control.

And now we have a new German landing page. It's worth visiting even if you don't know German because if you scroll down you can read in the English the special words of welcome we have for German speakers.

On that page, we elaborate on the background and why it is most urgently needed now.


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