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Prayer at the Western Wall


Are you a Noachide?
Welcome Home!

Relationship. Family. Community.

We are so happy you are here!


You are authentic and committed to the G-d Al-mighty’s intended role for you!  Mazel Tov! 

The three greatest challenges for those who want to follow the Torah's blueprint for a non-Jew in their personal fulfillment and continuity have been a stable connection with an authentic Rabbi, building family and generational continuity, and community.


As a Noachide, you need a dependable connection with an authentic Jew and Torah scholar. We provide that. That is an essential relationship prophesized in Zecharia 8:23.


But you need more - you are not meant to be alone - you need family.  We are here to help you build your family so that it reflects your values and will continue for generations to come.


And, you need community.  You and your family need to know that you are a part of a vibrant community serving G-d Al-mighty and helping each other.  A community with Jews and non-Jews. We help you build an in-person community where you are and with others virtually.

Synagogue Service
Walking Down the Aisle

G-d's Blessings - For you, your marriage and your offspring

As a Noachide, you need to receive and fulfill G-d Al-mighty’s first blessing and command to every man - Be Fruitful and Multiply. We provide authentic Torah guidance to make this the number one priority in your life - finding a mate, preparing for marriage, setting the priorities of your marriage, raising children in G-d Al-mighty’s image to civilize and build G-d Al-mighty’s Creation, protecting yourself, your marriage and your children from non-Torah influences, pressures, and temptations.

Proper Torah Learning for every man, woman and child

As a non-Jew you have a positive commandment to learn the Torah that applies to your life.  We have created Yeshiva Shem v'Ever as an in person and online yeshiva of Torah learning for non-Jews.

Your eternal place in the World to Come is assured when you accept and perform the Divine Commandments because they were given by G-d Al-mighty through Moses, our Teacher, on Mount Sinai.  That requires Torah learning on your part to know how to live the full and rich life of Chassidei Umos HaOlam.  When you learn Torah that applies to you, you are like the High Priest.  

Join our weekly in person and online classes that will set you and keep you on the right track.

Together we can turn over the world to the side of good with all men united in the service of G-d Al-mighty. 

Sign up now for the level that is right for you.

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